Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ug Beats presents::: Jaytech Mostly

UG Beats Entertainment is proud to announce the return of Jaytech for one special ‘Jaytech Mostly’ show in Canberra.

Jaytech Mostly is not just an event, it’s a 7 hour spectacle of sound, light and vision that features special intoxicating acts and surprise performers.

On the back of last weekend's massive festival performance, including ‘Foreshore’ at Commonweath Park and some afterparty in Dickson, Jaytech was voted by you as the ‘BEST DJ SLASH PRODUCER TO EVER WALK THE EARTH’ in our weekly "ZOMG What Rocked Your World This Week” poll.

And it seems the rest of the world agrees, with Jaytech also taking top spot for the first time in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll last year. This UG Beats date will mark the first time he has been here since taking out the prestigious top spot, which he won from Tiesto and John Digweed (ranked two and three respectively).

Other awards in 2008 included the most prestigious award in Dutch music, the Buma Cultuur Props Award, and at the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) in Miami, he took out Best Maker of Progressive Haus and Best and Most Soothing Album Title (for “Everything Is OK”).

The success of his Everything Is OK album has led to a signing session with ravenous fans everywhere he goes, often to the embarrassment of his friends.

Regardless, you too can come and experience the Jaytech fervor, this Friday December 5, at The Transit Bar, Akuna St, Civic.

For Free.

That’s right. FOR FREE.

No cover, just Jaytech.

Actually, mostly Jaytech.

Actually, Jaytech For A While, but it just didn't sound as good as Jaytech Mostly.

On the night there will be DJ sets from NOT YOU (Berlin), ALISTAIR ERSKINE (Syd), Jemist (USA-sounding), Pornstylus (Costa Rica), and local munchkin, DJ DFP (Ainslie).

But there is only to be one Jaytech Mostly party in the world! Be a part of history in the making! is the place to go to confirm your attendance :) DO IT!

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