Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Tale of 3 shows

So in these wild and wooley weeks, the silly season they call it, there is a massive amount of whiling away your time that you can spend at awesome shows. Thursday the 12th of December was the night most Sydney Meridith sideshows were on, and over The Bronx, That One Guy and Saul Williams, my friends and I tottled off to Holy Fuck @ The Annanadale.

We got there early enough to see local noise kids WOW doing their thing, now with added extra synth. I picked up a 7" of theirs a little while ago, called "Common Species/Pretend We're dead" and they played both songs off that, as well as a bunch more. Really worth checking out, and you can do that

Mountains In The Sky were a band I first saw at the Melbourne Big Day Out this year (one of the very few highlights), and since then they have added a member. Im not sure if its added to their music, but they are still pretty awesome. You can check them out at , and their new album Electron Suite is out now through Love & Mercy records.

I had been waiting for this ever since I first heard their name really. Then my good friend DJ Not You send me a text message from some festival in Belgium saying Holy Fuck were amongst his festival highlights. Then I got their EP. Then I got their LP. Then I started dropping Holy Fuck in my sets. And asking questions about them at trivia nights. And finally, as we were at the New Pornographers show, outside we saw the adorable poster announcing HF's impending tour. Amazing. They surpassed my expectations as to how a Holy Fuck show should be -- bass guitar, drums, and two old as fuck synths that they repatch live and occasionally scream a bit. Pretty much the best thing ever. Dont miss them. is their myspack, and Young Turks is their label.

The next night I went along to see some of my friends play. I got there just too late to have missed the live improv session between Kodama and Gentle Force, though apperantly that was a whole dose of wonderful awesomeness. The crowd was being lulled into a dubby state of security as some guy from melbourne played, but happily got kicked up a notch when Bec Paton came on and layed masses of bass down for us, happilly getting a bit grimier and hip hoppy by the end. Then Western Synthetics came on, and it was fabulous. On this wet and dreary night, a wonderful warm and cozy blanket surrounded everyone. Whilst I really could have done with a doona and a cup of hot chocolate and a window to push my face up against, watching the rain, it gave the effect of doing that inside me altogether. It was the launch of Western Synthetics 12", which you can check out on his myspace --, and the 12" and mp3's are available from Subcontinental Dub.

Finally, on the Saturday night, I tottled down to my second or third installment of "Triangles Sideshow Alley", which was a long running monthly night a few years back at the Landsdowne, but now only really crops up once every few months. I got inside to be nicely droned out by Meat Safe, a band that kind of goes post-hardcore in points, other points nods totally towards goth-rock... It was awesome. Next up were Black Lion, who I probably would have been totally in love with 10 years ago (thats a good thing) and then The Mansons, who were absolutely awesome in the way that I wasnt actually trying to pay attention to them, but kept getting distracted from my conversations by the strength of their songs... Awesome stuff kids.
But the band I was there to see mainly were a fair few people's New Favourite Band -- Bosom. 

Bosom are a three piece fronted by the vivacious, rude, charismatic and mega awesome Wiz, and an increasingly tight drums and guitar duo. Their songs range from flirting with high-school massacre gunmen to telling stalkers to fuck off, from pretend phone-sex lines to just how much better they are than coldplay... they are the greatest thing to happen to mankind of this generation of this decade, my friends so check em out


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